Paramount CRM

Project synopsis

We have worked with Ruth for many years now, having an association with her via Fife Women in Business, and building her website

Ruth approached us with a problem. The system that Paramount, one of the largest independent care service providers in the UK, used to manage their staff, clients, care requirements and invoicing was very tired.

It was taking too long to perform simple tasks, having been built on an access platform, it was not well suited to the needs of the ever expanding business.

Ruth asked Tayfusion to help.

We developed a replacement for the tired system, improving upon the processes and data handling, building a new fast and efficient system that suited the exact needs of the business from the ground up.

Getting to know Paramount was difficult, we have to say. It is a complicated business with lots off staff, clients and special shift allocation considerations.

Suffice to say, we got right 'under the skin' of Paramount in no time, within a month we launched Paramount CRM.

PCRM is hosted on a Windows server in-house, and is THE business critial system.

It does what they need it to do, and does it very well... Together with Ruth at Paramount we have continued to evolve and grow the system where required.






I've loved working with Tayfusion even without their website.

They are real, helpful and tell you (or is that just me?) like it is – this is very important to me.

They are super quick to respond, explain things in a language you (I) can understand, from lay terms to the educated and MOST of all, nothing is too much bother. They are great at understanding my needs and helping me out.

When I heard they had redeveloped their website I thought I would take a look. It looks and feels exactly like them, and I wish them all the success they deserve :)

Karen Wilson
Association of Scottish Business Women