Salesmap CRM

Project synopsis

Bruce Hamilton of SalesMap required a complete solution. Bruce is a sales expert and had, over the years, developed a sales process and mentoring methodology to support sellers and to help business users to close more deals.

The SalesMap process is built around the s.a.l.e.s.m.a.p acroynym, which is:

  • Select
  • Approach
  • Learn
  • Establish
  • Substantiate
  • Match
  • Ask Protect

These are all key stages of the sales process developed by Bruce. The task was to build a complete sales CRM solution, with online mentoring and support. In addition to the database system was the production of the SalesMap website.

Take a look for yourself....

Tayfusion's help, support and advice in building both our website and software application has been absolutely invaluable.

Their approach was very inventive, challenging when needed, creative throughout and always extremely responsive. They offer a unique and most welcome combination of skills, expertise and experience.

And then there is the sense of humour – still you can't have it all ways!!

An excellent team who are a pleasure to work with.

Brue Hamilton