Mulligan Plus online golf club

Project synopsis

Reagan Pannell is a respected photographer and avid golfer. He approached us with the idea of producing a complete Golf Portal, that acted as a resource for golfers, and place where they could meet now players and manage their handicap.

It was decided that the site should present opportunities to general users, to get involved with the administration of the site and to become an integral part of the golf site community. The term Mulligan Plus was chosen by Reagan.

The concept was discussed at length, with Reagan's ideas taking the stage and our expertise assisting in developing the idea and full approach.

The Mulligan experience had to appeal to the wider golfing audience, typical golfers as well as occasional golfer - offering very usable services that offer great value to all.

A directory of golf courses for the site was considered to be key to its success, allowing general site users to sign up and become the administrators of individual clubs - offering them incentives for doing a good job was also seen as an advantage.

Full searching of clubs by postcode and region as well as by facilities was also key to ensuring a good visitor experience.

Handicapping had to be catered for, as well as analysis of progress. Scorecards had to feature high in the offerings to drive the handicap system, and features that would allow users to arrange golf matches and start leagues for their club or colleagues.

Reagan was to manage the site himself, so full control was required, to allow him to continually develop the service.

The Mulligan turned out to be a very significant project, delivering everything as expected and more.

A handicap system was built, based on the CONGU scoring system and provides an accurate measure of handicap play and also incorporates Stableford scoring each time a scorecard is submitted by a member.

The site carries a complete search facility for golf clubs, with club pages carrying full course information, for multiple courses in each club, facilities, images directions and comments.

Also associated with the clubs are hotel listing that can be purchased through the site.

The site was equipped with video features and tutorials and pages to promote special greenfee offers. Membership and offer payments are all managed by the site.

The members area delivers profile information, stats, handicap and scorecard management as well as facilities to manage leagues and arrange matches.

The site also provides a facility to allow any members to edit their courses and offer better value to all site visitors.

The actual clubs also have a facility to allow them to edit their own profiles to ensure they also buy into the service.

The design delivered was functional and easy to navigate. The site is managed in full by site engine.

I would like to state how much the new website that Tayfusion designed has meant to me.

One week ago my business was almost failing, then the new website turned things around. Those who saw it immediately bought my services and so many firm orders have come in that I am already on my way to my first million.

Because of this my wife has decided not to leave me after all and, at long last, we got the kids out of the foster home. I say at long last as they are now 27 and 26 respectively.

This has all cheered me up so much that my long-standing severe acne problem has cleared itself, my halitosis has all but disappeared and – baffling to medical science – after 30 years of trying I am now able to walk unaided.

Perhaps the biggest surprise came this week, when I discovered that the kids had come up with an amendment to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, an amendment which not only will transform accepted thinking on the origins of the universe but will also enable the total eradication of world poverty within one month.

Don’t even think about it – if you want to get ahead, get a website from Tayfusion.

Tom Jamieson