Project synopsis

John of BeatGenerator has been a fixture in the music scene in Dundee for many years, having provided events and band promotional services forever it seems...

Beatgenerator is a local Dundee Music venue, hosting an array of different bands all week.

John approached us with his requirements. He needed to have a better site that reached out to his clientel better than before. Having many contacts, promoters and customers, he wanted to be able to both communicate better and to save time on doing so.

Tayfusion produced a simple site for John, but it's (like always) what's under the bonnet that counts... 

Along with the site John was provided a fill newsletter system, allowing for management of multiple newsletters, automatic delivery and management of bad email ddresses and NDR's (non deliverable responses).

Nearly all of this is automatic, John can spend his time doing what he does best now; putting on great bands... For us.

We needed a professional looking website to promote all our forthcoming gigs at Beat Generator Live and turned to Tayfusion for inspiration and direction.

He not only delivered the goods (and some....) but also a full functioning newsletter and customer database which allows us to target our customers directly with all the latest gig and venue news on a regular basis.

Yeah, he's a geek alright, but in a good way...

Team Beat Generator
Beat Generator