Web design services overview

We provide a fine array of services that are designed to deliver improvements to your business.

Depending on what your requirements are, we can help build a planned approach to improve your business appearance, reach your customers and to facilitate growth.

Below is a snapshot of the services that you can take advantage of to help you get where you want to go.


Dynamic database systems for business

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We specialise in delivering database systems that are custom made for your business and it's required processes.

From staff management software, to scheduling and resource tools to full reporting and document management. If you handle lots of paper, diaries, people or use excel or access to help the day-to-day running of your business then a database system from Tayfusion will save you time and money.

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Websites, E-Commerce and CMS

It's a trust thing - we build web sites, e-commerce and management systems, for businesses such as yours, that deliver a measured and trusted impression as soon as the page is loaded.

The right design or delivery can promote the best possible conversion of visitors to your business. This will help your company reach its greatest potential on-line.

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Marketing & search engine optimisation

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Internet Marketing is not an exact science, it takes time and effort and every business is different. Internet Marketing consists of several related, but independent, promotional services that work together to compliment your position on the web and ultimately your bottom line.

Web site optimisation and web site promotion are a very serious business. In truth good SEO is now the single most important aspect of achieving on-line success. It's all about getting found.

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Mobile applications for business

A simple thing that is easily forgot... Nearly all of us walk around with a Personal Computer in our pockets these days. This computer is both incredibly powerful and surprisingly adaptable to modern life.

If you run a business then there is every possibility that smartphones can be utilised to help make your tasks easier and your business more productive. A hour saving per day is equal to nearly three days over a month. It's not rocket surgery!

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I would like to state how much the new website that Tayfusion designed has meant to me.

One week ago my business was almost failing, then the new website turned things around. Those who saw it immediately bought my services and so many firm orders have come in that I am already on my way to my first million.

Because of this my wife has decided not to leave me after all and, at long last, we got the kids out of the foster home. I say at long last as they are now 27 and 26 respectively.

This has all cheered me up so much that my long-standing severe acne problem has cleared itself, my halitosis has all but disappeared and – baffling to medical science – after 30 years of trying I am now able to walk unaided.

Perhaps the biggest surprise came this week, when I discovered that the kids had come up with an amendment to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, an amendment which not only will transform accepted thinking on the origins of the universe but will also enable the total eradication of world poverty within one month.

Don’t even think about it – if you want to get ahead, get a website from Tayfusion.

Tom Jamieson