So who are we then?

Please don't get the wrong impression, we are a serious bunch and incredibly passionate about our work, but we do everything to develop good relationships with our clients, on both the professional and personal levels.

As it happens, this is our first official update to the new website. When it was launched we asked a client to take a look, for a bit of feedback, their response was:

You need to add something about yourself...

You're missing a trick, you guys are unique you need to sell that, there are real benefits working with you and people should be made aware of how different you are...

In contrast, another client (who will remain nameless but is well featured in our projects page) said the following when we asked them for a professional testimonial...

Everyone at Tayfusion should be shot on site.

They then added: It might need tweaking but it's pretty good.

Naturally they did end up providing a testimonial that is fit for public consumption, and completely true of course... But we are sure you get the point...

We are different & so are our clients. We feel that being flexible and relaxed is the best way to get things done right, we don't live in an ivory tower (there are not many of them in Dundee but quite partial to them if you've got one) and we are quite simply human beings... From planet Earth*.

It's important for us to be small, mobile, up-front and personal. You and I know it's all about trust, we are big on trust. We like to be relied upon.

We really know what we are doing

And we love doing it.

Anyway, if you are not totally put-off the prospect of working together, then here are the team members that make up the world famous Tayfusion...

Mark Mander

Hi I'm Mark, and Tayfusion was my idea...

I have a real passion for what I do, it's a little difficult to articulate, but if you met me you'd understand in an instant. I have been doing this kind of thing for years (15 of them), originally a lay-about musician and actor (I know, very strange pedigree) and got into this web malarkey after a seeing a friend's effort at a self-made business website; I kindly requested that I 'have a go'... I just knew that this 'web thing' was 'my thing'.

I consider myself very lucky, I developed for Tesco for many years, and the experience gained can not be quantified. I am particularly proud of my clients, my very first is still with us at Tayfusion and (as far as I am concerned) always will be.

My 'thing' now is building rich websites and database systems, it's something that just makes me tick. The first impression, clients surprise and the discovery of positive results are what I do this for. Okay, I'm a nerd...

Give us a call, we only bite if you want us to...


P.S. Ignore what it says up there*, Andrew is from Middle Earth, he's not human either, he's a Hobbit... Oh, and he likes Musicals.

P.P.S. Don't believe anything he says, Hobbits are intrinsically flawed in their ability to grasp reality, he's not a liar... Maybe a bit of a fibber though!


Andrew Wilson

I'm Andrew. I have been working on websites since 19Oatcake and have used computers since the age of 13 (I had a BBC Micro for the aficionados). I met Mark when we were working at Tesco head office developing their corporate intranet and setting up the helpline for the home shopping project.

Originally I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry but moved to computing via an apprenticeship at Ninewells Hospital and diploma in AI. Another strange combo, but one that has come in useful as I have developed a number of medical sites and applications.

I have worked with a wide variety of people including doctors, educators, writers, geeks, artists and Mark so no matter how strange the clients, I can adapt. :-)

I specialise in database systems and search engine optimisation but can adapt to fit the situation.

I taught Mark all he knows.



I've loved working with Tayfusion even without their website.

They are real, helpful and tell you (or is that just me?) like it is – this is very important to me.

They are super quick to respond, explain things in a language you (I) can understand, from lay terms to the educated and MOST of all, nothing is too much bother. They are great at understanding my needs and helping me out.

When I heard they had redeveloped their website I thought I would take a look. It looks and feels exactly like them, and I wish them all the success they deserve :)

Karen Wilson
Association of Scottish Business Women