Association of Scottish Business Women

Project synopsis

The Association of Scottish Businesswomen (ASB) supports business and professional women throughout Scotland.

Acting as the parent group of the local networking business groups, such as Women Ahead and Fife Women in Business, they serve these Scottish groups and help bring them all together and a single networking organisation.

After having worked with other member groups, the ASB contracted Tayfusion to build their website and management systems.

The ASB have a facility that allows member groups to manage their information, and also for women in business to get involved directly, providing a platorm for all worm across Scotland to get involved.

We, at Tayfusion, really appreciate our connection with the womens business groups across Scotland, ther ASB being a major part of that.

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I've loved working with Tayfusion even without their website.

They are real, helpful and tell you (or is that just me?) like it is – this is very important to me.

They are super quick to respond, explain things in a language you (I) can understand, from lay terms to the educated and MOST of all, nothing is too much bother. They are great at understanding my needs and helping me out.

When I heard they had redeveloped their website I thought I would take a look. It looks and feels exactly like them, and I wish them all the success they deserve :)

Karen Wilson
Association of Scottish Business Women