Capetown properties

Project synopsis

Capetown properties is a long established property letting agency based in Dundee, Scotland. Their main focus is the let serviced property for students, and they offer the best possible accommodation - all being of particularly high quality.

There were however a few things missing, a brand, web presence and a simple and convenient way to manage their property portfolio. Capetown contacted us and were assured by our past experience that we would be able to provided exactly what they were looking for.

Capetown required a web design that was professional and appealed to students. It was essential that the site minimised much of their current workload and simplified their letting management process.

The design and brand had to be simple. A website should be a joy to use, and brand easily recognised.

After investigation, together with Capetown Properties, we came to realise that the quick and simple approach was better suited to meeting the needs of their intended audience.

Students, unlike a standard family for example, when looking for properties are interested in only a few things:

  • Where their property is located?
  • How many bedrooms are there?
  • What is the price per person?

Capetown were very keen to do everything they could to distinguish themselves from other letting agents in the area, as they offer a completely supported service, their properties are of a very high quality and they carry many safety features that other student properties do not.

The site needed to offer them full control.

The site was designed in such a way to address all their required points, and allow visitors to find what they need quickly and easily.

The brand was kept simple, and overall design easy to access.

The navigation introduced a channel base of quality, security, safety and support. The main page copy highlighting their approach and commitment to their customers.

The search interface on the first page of the site allows visitors to search for property location and number of bedrooms only. Simple.

Capetown were delivered the following:

  • Complete control of their web design using SiteEngine
  • A easy to use property system
  • Automatic map builder using Google maps
  • A system to allow tenants to report maintenance requests direct to the support team
  • A tenant management and notification system allowing them to communicate with individuals of whole groups based on location.
  • Convenient user property alerts system.
  • A callback service
  • Great and helpful features such as FAQs and full search facilities.

John Cape was very impressed with the solution that we delivered. Incredible and amazing were just a few of the words he used when we presented him with the finished product.

We needed a professional looking website to promote all our forthcoming gigs at Beat Generator Live and turned to Tayfusion for inspiration and direction.

He not only delivered the goods (and some....) but also a full functioning newsletter and customer database which allows us to target our customers directly with all the latest gig and venue news on a regular basis.

Yeah, he's a geek alright, but in a good way...

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