Cats At Heart

Project synopsis

G'day Sheila!

Sheila was another great client referred to us through our association with the Dundee Women Ahead business group.

Sheila runs a successful cattery north of Montrose, and asked Tayfusion to help her develop a suitable web presence and build a few extras to help her run the business.

We designed a site for Sheila that suited her market and customer demographic, also providing a full cat booking form, allowing Cats at Heart to capture all the important information required, by an agency such as theirs, to provide the best possible care to their customer loved pets.

The website has been a great success, and Sheila's business is easier and better.



I would like to state how much the new website that Tayfusion designed has meant to me.

One week ago my business was almost failing, then the new website turned things around. Those who saw it immediately bought my services and so many firm orders have come in that I am already on my way to my first million.

Because of this my wife has decided not to leave me after all and, at long last, we got the kids out of the foster home. I say at long last as they are now 27 and 26 respectively.

This has all cheered me up so much that my long-standing severe acne problem has cleared itself, my halitosis has all but disappeared and – baffling to medical science – after 30 years of trying I am now able to walk unaided.

Perhaps the biggest surprise came this week, when I discovered that the kids had come up with an amendment to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, an amendment which not only will transform accepted thinking on the origins of the universe but will also enable the total eradication of world poverty within one month.

Don’t even think about it – if you want to get ahead, get a website from Tayfusion.

Tom Jamieson