Ask for Fritz

Project synopsis

Fritz  approached us with his problem. Traditionally the sale of the holidays were done by phone, and Teletext. As you may be aware, the terrestrial television channels across the UK are about to be switched off. So in a sense he would be left without a method of reaching his customers..

The project was to produce two independent websites, with the option of adding more, that could all be managed from one central location. The sites would provide late deals that were for skiing and spring/summer lake holidays.

The visitors had to be presented with the holiday information, and a method of booking the deals. Fritz, not being particularly confident with dealing with computers, had to be provided with an easy to use system to manage his holidays deals, bookings, locations, flights and customer enquiries - across two independent web sites.

Due to the nature of the holiday deals and the visitors looking for them, once again we discovered that the best approach was to provide an easy quick interface to allow convenient searching and presentation of the deals .

Visitors would be searching for holidays based on country, resort, airport or date - so a facility for searching on this basis had to be clearly offered on both sites.

After investigating how other tour operators handle navigation and searching, we did not want to make the same mistake of allowing users to search for open information, and find nothing.

The design had be be appealing, and provoke emotional attachment to the service and the idea of taking a holiday .

A design was put together that would provide a consistent feel on both sites and offer instant familiarity to visitors. The design was kept to a minimum, but with high impact graphical features relating to the holiday types for both sites.

The site visitors were provided with a rather clever search interface. They can search based on country, resort, airport or date - but the search options only provide holiday deal choices that are actually available. So this means that if you choose a date, you will find holidays - greatly reducing inconvenience to customers on both websites.

Fritz was provided a simple administration area when he can switch from one site to another at the click of a button. Holidays can be updated in groups, countries, resorts, hotels can all be edited and multiple dates and flights associated with individual holiday locations.

The sites offer full booking facilities for visitors, and also incorporated is a mailing system to allow visitors to be sent latest deals notifications.

All in all, Fritz was provided a solution to all his problems.

I would like to state how much the new website that Tayfusion designed has meant to me.

One week ago my business was almost failing, then the new website turned things around. Those who saw it immediately bought my services and so many firm orders have come in that I am already on my way to my first million.

Because of this my wife has decided not to leave me after all and, at long last, we got the kids out of the foster home. I say at long last as they are now 27 and 26 respectively.

This has all cheered me up so much that my long-standing severe acne problem has cleared itself, my halitosis has all but disappeared and – baffling to medical science – after 30 years of trying I am now able to walk unaided.

Perhaps the biggest surprise came this week, when I discovered that the kids had come up with an amendment to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, an amendment which not only will transform accepted thinking on the origins of the universe but will also enable the total eradication of world poverty within one month.

Don’t even think about it – if you want to get ahead, get a website from Tayfusion.

Tom Jamieson