Discover My Past

Project synopsis

Discover my Past, another brightsolid publication, is an online genealogy magazine.

Rich in content, there were 2 magazines that were available for subscription to view online: Discover my Past England & Discover my Past Scotland.

Richard Callison of brightsolid asked us to produce the website that would wrap around the magazine viewer, and present the magazines to the public.

The magazines are no-longer in production, but fantastic back issues are still available.

We worked closely with brightsolid during the life of the magazine, and who knows, it may be resurrected in the future.


Tayfusion's help, support and advice in building both our website and software application has been absolutely invaluable.

Their approach was very inventive, challenging when needed, creative throughout and always extremely responsive. They offer a unique and most welcome combination of skills, expertise and experience.

And then there is the sense of humour – still you can't have it all ways!!

An excellent team who are a pleasure to work with.

Brue Hamilton