DRS moving group


Project synopsis

Scot of DRS is a forward thing guy.

Having taken the reigns of the family business, he tasked himself with the challenge of bringing the business from out of the past and well into the future.

Having been a great local provider of removal services for many years, Dundee removals, and it's subsidiaries, went though a transformation of conglomeration and streamlining.

Part of the process was bringing all the brands under 'one roof' and starting afresh.

Scot asked Tayfusion to do this for them.

DRS were provided a new website with additional features to allow visitors to sate their claim to their services right there and then.

With quite forms and sticky features the DRS site has performed well.

There may be more changes afoot, as Scot is always on the move... Again, please excuse the pun. 

Tayfusion's help, support and advice in building both our website and software application has been absolutely invaluable.

Their approach was very inventive, challenging when needed, creative throughout and always extremely responsive. They offer a unique and most welcome combination of skills, expertise and experience.

And then there is the sense of humour – still you can't have it all ways!!

An excellent team who are a pleasure to work with.

Brue Hamilton