Tayside Contracts


Project synopsis

Tayside Contracts is based in the Tayside area, they are a commercial contracting organisation providing logistical support and construction based services to the Councils of Angus, Dundee City and Perth & Kinross

They build and maintain roads, provide catering for schools and the elderly. They also provide cleaning services to schools, community buildings and council offices. They are one of the largest employers in the region.

The Tayside Contracts website was not working for them. With a design that was not appealing, and on-line job application process that was not as efficient as it needed to be - especially considering the amount of applications that they handle.

All of their problems had to be solved. They are a major supplier of services, and their website needed to clearly portray their position within the community and to prospective authorities across Scotland.

So, they called in Tayfusion.

Tayside contracts are essential a council authority. Bearing this in mind, the website had to deliver their message and provide their services in a responsible manner.

At any given time the organisation could have up to 20 available jobs for the public to apply for, so the process for doing so had to be convenient and simple for visitors as well as being easy to manage from their end.

Being a large company, things can change rapidly. So they needed control, so SiteEngine was required.

The design had to appeal to the public as well as business visitors. We spent much time with the recruitment team to establish their exact requirement for the job system and with Ed Middleton, the IT and Network project manager, who helped us greatly to understand the overall requirements of the business.

Tayside contracts were provided with a simple and effective design, that was appealing to the general public but still maintaining a corporate and professional feel.

SiteEngine was employed to provide complete control of their site, allowing the IT department, as well as other parts of the business, to edit and maintain their sections.

The vacancy system was carefully engineered to cater to their needs, giving users the facility to save applications for later time, keep their profile live for future applications and offer the alternative by allowing users to print and complete applications by hand.

The system allowed for vacancies to present different application conditions - office jobs are different from cleaning or catering for example. Also included was a job notification element that kept the public aware of available jobs.

Tayside contracts were also provided with a site news facility, email newsletter system and an interactive map feature that provides a graphical map view of all of their main offices and depots.

In addition, post-project, Tayside contracts asked us to produce a system for schools - so that they could manage service and support calls via and on-line interface.

This was produced for them, now all the schools (that have Tayside Contracts support) in the region have been delivered a new method for ensuring the efficient running of their establishments.

We have been customers of TayFusion for over ten years and have always found their team to provide the highest standards of service whilst being easy to deal with.

They understand our business, priorities and objectives very well. We see them as an extension to our own IT team, adding skills such as web and database system design in a most cost effective manner.

Managing a very small IT team I have to rely heavily on partners in key areas to provide expert support particularly in the areas of website and Intranet design.

Over the last 10 years I have worked with Mark and the team at TayFusion I have found them consistently helpful, knowledgeable and always willing to help answer and develop some of my wilder requests.

I particularly value their friendliness and professionalism and I always feel comfortable in picking up the phone and bouncing a few ideas around with them as I would if they were a colleague.

Their support allows me to focus on supporting my colleagues and concentrate on well... the boring stuff frankly...

Ed Middleton
IT Manager
Tayside Contracts