Web design services Scotland

We might not know your customers as well as you do, but we make it our business to understand them when we work with you. They know exactly what they want, when they want it and how and only by understanding this can we tailor a web design solution that fits the bill.

Your web presence

You'll realise that a great web presence is very important, its all about first impressions. People make up their minds pretty quick these days - with so much information to absorb it's hardly a surprise.

We believe that the approach to your valued clients and discovering what they really want is the first stage - and the most important.

You have less than a second

A recent study in the USA has shown that web users are very discerning. The study has revealed conclusively that that it takes a fraction of a second (0.05s) for a web visitor to decide whether they like a website.

In short - if your site doesn't look good, there is a good chance that it is not reaching its sales potential.

Turn visitors into customers

It's a trust thing - we build web sites, for businesses such as yours, that deliver a measured and trusted impression as soon as the page is loaded.

The right design can deliver the best possible conversion of visitors to your business. This will help your company reach its greatest potential on-line.

Your best approach

There are a several things that a good website should do for your customers as soon as they see it:

  • Clearly show them what your company has to offer them
  • Provide immediate prominence to your main products/services
  • The site's navigation needs to be intuitive
  • Your contact information needs to be clearly visible
  • Calls to action need to be simplistic and intuitive (e.g. buy now)
  • Site should not be cluttered
  • Text should be inviting, straight to the point and informative

You might think that this is simple, but how many sites do you come across that achieve these things?

Your customers are different

Every website, and approach is different - we understand that websites may need to meet these aspects in varying degrees- some sites need to be more about presentation than the hard sell.

It's all about you and your customers.

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Graphic design overview

Presentation. Presentation. Presentation.

Its all about how things look to the customer, if they like how you look it's the first stage in developing trust. As you know, if a customer trusts they will state a sale. Eventually.

At Tayfusion we have worked with many organisations and had dealing with many individuals. One thing that we have picked up along the way and believe to be true, is that people buy people - not products.

We feel that on the web, print, press, outdoor and television anything that your advertising materials say is what you are saying about yourself and your business. Your marketing materials are an extension of you and your business. With this is mind, your presentation has to be right.

Content management

SiteEngine is our own product, that has been developed over a period of 3 years - pulling from experience working with businesses such as Tesco to smaller homegrown and dynamic businesses. Large or small - all the companies that we have worked with have made a great contribution to the development of SiteEngine.

Oh, and we practise what we preach. This site is completely driven and managed by SiteEngine - the same system our clients use.

What is content management?

It seems as though all web companies are touting the same things these days. They all offer content management - some are good and some are not so good, but how are you supposed to tell the difference? It's difficult.

Content management systems (CMS) are applications that allow you to control your website text and design. The greatest advantage of CMS is that you can keep you website updated - which has many hidden advantages that might not be immediately apparent.

Site engine overview

SiteEngine is a great system. It is not just a content management system. In truth SiteEngine is actually a framework to hold many different applications, the CMS being one of them. Here is a list of possible function or add-ons for SiteEngine:

  • Content Management - edit your web pages
  • Shopping Cart/Inventory Manager
  • Newsletter manager & Email sender
  • Site news or article manager
  • Property rental/sales management tool
  • Picture gallery manager
  • Customer Manager (CRM)

These are just an example, but if you had special requirements, then SiteEngine can easily be used to deliver those tools (other bespoke solutions), services to your customers in a simple and intuitive manner.

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Tayfusion's help, support and advice in building both our website and software application has been absolutely invaluable.

Their approach was very inventive, challenging when needed, creative throughout and always extremely responsive. They offer a unique and most welcome combination of skills, expertise and experience.

And then there is the sense of humour – still you can't have it all ways!!

An excellent team who are a pleasure to work with.

Brue Hamilton