Our speciality is building bespoke and unique database systems for clients who have complex and specific requirements or who have odd challenges.

But we also like to build things, break things, and solve problems... and have fun in the process...

In our ranks, we have: current and former musicians, comic book fanatics, D&D enthusiasts, dog lovers, walkers, cyclists, rugby fans and a trained thespian.

But we don’t just build data systems; we can turn our hand to building pretty much anything like, a bass guitar, a distortion pedal, a contactless door locking mechanism; a chicken coop; an artist's studio, and even a swimming pool for horses. No, really.

We like to think we can build anything.

City of Discovery, City of Design

We are based in Dundee, City of Discovery, the UK's first and only UNESCO City of Design. Once known for it's 3 J's of industry (Jute, Jam, and Journalism), it is now celebrated for its in comic books and for being the epicentre of the country's computer game design industry. 

Dundee is recognised as a centre for world-class research (being home to both Dundee and Abertay Universities) and is quickly becoming home to a thriving tech industry.  

The city's design credentials have been reinforced thanks to the recent construction of the V & A Museum, as part of the waterfront development, which now sits alongside the HMS Discovery. 

We recently moved to new offices in the heart of the city, just off the Perth Road, an area which was home to many early computer game design companies including VIS Entertainment, 4J Studios and DMA Design (formerly, Rockstar North).

While we maintain a strong client base in Dundee, we are a national company, collaborating with organisations and individuals across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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Meet the Team

Mark Mander

Mark Mander

CEO / Lead Developer

Roger Adams

Roger Adams

COO / Data Analytics

Doug Mackay

Doug Mackay

Dev / Researcher

Gareth Hampton

Gareth Hampton


Louise Finlayson

Louise Finlayson


Berend Versluis

Berend Versluis

Guru & Marketing

A Brief History

The idea of Tayfusion was formed a long time ago. Mark, the current development lead, fell in love with web design back in 1996, while visiting friends. He watched them create a simple website for their small business. Mark said, "Would you mind if I gave that a shot?"

Not long after that, Mark had his first client. We are proud to say that the client stayed with Tayfusion until just recently: Right up to the moment they decided to retire and sell the business. Looking after and keeping hold of our clients was important from the beginning.

The team that formed Tayfusion developed for Tesco for many years, designing and progressing their internal systems and Intranets and customer facing services such as Clubcard. 

Tayfusion was born in 2005. When a previous iteration of our own website was launched, we received some feedback:

"You need to add something about yourself... You're missing a trick, you guys are unique, you need to sell that, there are real benefits working with you and people should be made aware of how different you are..."

BrightSolid, Dundee

We consider ourselves lucky, having such amazing clients, and the opportunity to work on many great projects for them over the years. 

Thanks to our clients, Tayfusion Digital has grown to be what it is today. And continues to grow...

What our Clients Say

Our Knowledge Base

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Modular, bespoke or off-the-shelf solution?

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