Modular & bespoke database solutions, rapidly built, to deal with the challenges of changing market conditions, designed to meet your business needs today, and support its growth into the future.

We can build your dream database system that you considered impossible, or fix what you thought was forever broken and save your business time.

Rapid Development & Modular Systems

We specialise in the rapid development of data management and processing systems. We save your business money.

With an array of system modules that, over time, have grown to become the basis for many of our delivered platforms. This benefits you in time savings and cost.

We don't have to re-invent the wheel. We have produced a variety of platforms over many years, such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Training/Learning Systems (TMS/LMS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A perfect, dynamic and extensible solution will save your business time and money, but by working smart and boxing clever we can save time during the development cycle. We can save your business money.

Data System Examples

NTR Logo

NTR - Construction Management

An enterprise large scale construction planning, resource and reporting system. Built from years of large scale civil projects, NTR is designed to help plan, track and report on resource utilisation, and find where costs can be saved and keep on budget.

With Project planning, programming, resource management, finance tracking and task assignment for agents, foremen, planners and auditors. NTR solves the problem of not knowing about losses before it is too late.

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DIG Logo

DIG - Agri Management

Built for and with key players in the Scottish Seed Potato industry, DIG (Data Intelligence for Growers) is a full agri-system, designed for field tracking, husbandry, crop monitoring, stock control, sales, gradings, invoicing, margins and reporting.

With scheduling, forecasting, distribution planning, purchase management and also complimented with a field App for crop and store tracking. DIG is forever growing.

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Figurenotes Logo

Figurenotes - Music Creation

Figurenotes is a dynamic music notation and learning platform, packed with amazing learning features, available on any device and as accessible as possible. Supporting multiple tracks, instruments and authoring functions. Originally designed for people with learning difficulties, it now has world-wide engagement.

Build for Drake Music Scotland in support of its great charity work, and available for all using a subscription model. 

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Step Count Logo

Step Count - Health Change

The Step Count Challenge, a platform to promote healthy activities across Scotland  and allow workplaces to compete by creating teams and encourage their members to improve their physical activity.

A system that provides dashboards, activity tracking, API connectivity, CO2 savings, leaderboards, graphing, reporting and full administration. With a companion App, the dynamic platform continues to grow and benefit all that use it.

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Ritchies Logo

Beef Monitor - Agri Monitoring

Built for beef cattle monitoring and delivered across the world, Beef Monitor is a reporting and management platform that helps farmers to control and monitor their beef stock live.

With sync from in-field RFID scanning and monitoring devices, live monitoring, cattle management and full reporting. Designed to reduce labour and time, and provide instant actionable intelligence for the farmers and cattle managers.

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HOS Logo

Housing Options - Property System

A housing management system for Housing Options Scotland, a Scottish Charity that helps disabled people, elderly and veterans secure the best housing for them.

With registration data collection, application management forms, volunteer processes to help track and control housing enquiries, and full reporting. Built to the specific process-map of the organisation service, achieving the goal of allowing them to save time & help more people.

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