Business Intelligence & Business Analytics allow organisations to use their data in order to gain insights into their current business activities and performance, and to inform on future decision making.

We can provide systems which collect and present data to reflect your KPIs using custom built BI technology or by exporting the data to external software

Business Intelligence & Business Analytics sit within the broader and better known concept, Data Analytics, which refers to the analysis of data to uncover answers and gain insights. These terms are often used interchangeably, however a distinction can be drawn when considering how each of these processes use the data:

Business Intelligence:

Lets you see what has happened in the business

Business Intelligence

Business Analytics:

Further processing of the data to ascertain why

Business Analytics

Analytics Dashboards

A dashboard provides a user interface, accessible on PCs and mobile devices to view and analyse your business data.

We will create a dashboard tailored to your needs to allow you to monitor and report on business critical KPIs.

The data can be collected and uploaded automatically in real time, and the data analysed and aggregated to maximise business insights.

system dashboard examples


We will define the business problems and identify pinch points and opportunities

We will work to understand your current reporting KPIs and their value to your business

This will allow us to identify the gap between your current and desired reporting capabilities

We will observe your business processes and identify and collect relevant data using your domain knowledge. We will identify relevant and available external data.

We will examine the tools and systems currently in place in your business and will discuss the best approach for you

We will then plan and develop a transformative business intelligence system that works best for you

Example Analytics Platforms

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NTR - Construction Management

An on-site App to compliment large scale construction planning, resource and reporting. The NTR App is for the delivery of daily task allocations to site foremen, controlling what happens on site.

The app is used to guide foremen on expected resource use, and allow them to record actual plant, labour and materials usage and report on unexpected events. With GPS and photo support. Site data is then synced to the main system for processing.

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DIG Logo

DIG - Agri Management

An in-field and potato store App, in support of the DIG agri-system. It facilitates in-field monitoring of crops, saving of inspection records, test dig recording, crop photos with GPS, crop mapping and the saving of key crop information.

For store managers, it allows for the reporting of stock records, and the request and reporting of sales grading requests, and dispatching. The DIG App supports the merchant interface with multiple independent farms.

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Image for Discovering Business Intelligence and Analytics

Discovering Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Business Analytics are the most basic types of data analytics. They will be sufficient for most SMEs and for most non-complex business problems. Nonetheless, used together in an agile dashboard, they provide a valuable and cost-effective tool to get to the root of these challenges.

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Image for Modular, bespoke or off-the-shelf solution?

Modular, bespoke or off-the-shelf solution?

We build bespoke and modular database systems because we believe in tailoring a solution which addresses your specific business needs and solves your business problems. Intrinsic to this, is providing a solution which makes your life easier, and which delivers value to your customers now, and well into the future.

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Image for What does Digital Transformation mean for you?

What does Digital Transformation mean for you?

By integrating digital technologies into your business you can realise efficiencies and increase customer value. But this requires organisational buy-in, a willingness to ditch traditional practices, and an eagerness to experiment.

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