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Sector: Education, Aerospace
Type: Document Management
Aims: Record and Course Management

Air Service Training Ltd (AST) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Perth College UHI, part of the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI). AST remains a world leader in the field of Aviation training and has been since 1931, one of the longest-established organisations of its kind.

AST required a robust and accessible Student Record System (SRS) to enable the centralised management of student and training data and efficient delivery of services across training partners worldwide, whilst ensuring security and performance.

Flight engineering training is heavily legislated, where the training methods and assessment are determined by the rules of the associated government bodies. The data platform was required to be robust, and built to the exacting standards of the CAA (UK) and EASA (EU), both performing regular audits of the AST and the SRS system to ensure compliance. 

Tayfusion produced a new database from the ground up including the following:

  • Build of new database and website
  • Import of all legacy data into new database
  • Training registration & record database 
  • Multi-user access for Admin, Staff, Students, Sponsors & External Auditors
  • Multi-user type sign-in and secure multi-role permissions framework
  • Payment and registration system
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The SRS Training database is a complex system. An array of system features was required for students, sponsors, staff, managers, auditors and admin users. We worked with AST to develop the required functionality to enable staff to oversee and manage all student records, achievements and activities.

The SRS functionality would include:

  • Students & Staff management
  • Page and permissions access
  • Attendance recording & monitoring
  • Student approval and progress reports
  • Multi Purpose Payment System
  • Exam recording and certificate building
  • Course materials document management
  • Auditor Access and Review
  • Student Review Processing
  • Assessment Monitoring
  • Course & Module Management
  • Student Performance Reports
  • Passport & Visa Information
  • Holiday Management
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SRS has become business critical to AST. A complex platform that continues to grow with the organisation. AST is an example of a system that is fully bespoke and designed specifically to meet the business needs of AST. We have developed a system which modernises their data management function and which continues to exceed the expectations of AST.

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