Barrie Box (Colbeggie Farm)

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Sector: Retail, Agriculture
Type: Ecommerce
Aims: Self service shop

Colbeggie Farm has an on site farm shop (The Barrie Box) selling locally grown and homemade farm foods and goods. Colbeggie approached us with a view to automating the farm shop to enable it to operate without staff on site and outwith sociable working hours.

The farm shop itself required a secure automated locking door. We built a bespoke locking device comprising a lock box connected to a Raspberry Pi. This lock can be unlocked by a signal received via a mobile app. 

We designed and produced the mobile app to allow customers to access, view and purchase goods from the farm shop online. The products are paid for online via the app before products are collected from the farm shop using the app to gain access to the security door. 

A stock management system was also designed and built for Colbeggie Farm to allow staff to administer the system and to ensure stocks are maintained, by allowing staff to:

  • List their full set of products and deals
  • Perform accurate stock control across all Barrie Box locations
  • Raise email alerts to warn of low stock at a particular product
  • Administer staff and customer accounts
  • Perform Point of Sale function for sales handled by staff members

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