Beef Monitor

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Sector: Agriculture, Housing
Type: Data collection and analysis
Aims: Efficient livestock monitoring

Ritchie Agricultural is a farming machinery supplier based in Forfar. Having developed their Beef Monitor product - which weighs individual cattle and records data - we were approached to provide a data management and analytics platform which would store and manage the weighing data. The data feeds an analytics dashboard which provides the user with business intelligence upon which to base decisions.

We worked with the client's IT team to develop a robust database which would integrate seamlessly with the existing Beef Monitor weighing hardware - electronic scales and individual ear tags - to capture daily weight data, in real time, including: display history, reports and user defined groupings of livestock.

The data system and graphical UI has facilitated a modernising of the Beef Monitor product, increasing value for Ritchie's customers, and helping to digitally improve the business.

  • Design & build of new database
  • Import of all legacy data into new database
  • Extensive testing of weighing algorithm
  • Integration with Beef Monitor hardware
  • Business intelligence dashboard

The beef monitor system includes for staff alerts when unexpected data is collected and is connected to emails, invoicing and purchasing modules.

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