Data Intelligence for Growers

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Sector: Agriculture, Trade
Type: Stock and sales management
Aim: Save money and improve yields

Potato Industry Awards

Potato Industry Awards

DIG & Tayfusion are the proud winners of the 2023 Potato Industry Awards Best Innovation Award.

Read more about it at the website of: The Potato Industry Awards.

DIG (Data Intelligence for Growers) is a platform developed and owned by Tayfusion with our Scottish seed potato expert. The platform is for the management of seed potato husbandry, growth monitoring, and crop performance. The platform delivers seed stock control, sales, purchasing, forecasting and test digging and store management.

Developed in collaboration with industry, the platform continues to grow and develop, and has enabled the system users to digitally transform their business by integrating digital technologies into their processes, improving their crop management, reducing costs, and becoming more efficient. The platform provides: 

  • Cloud-hosted data system and platform
  • Multi-user and type permissions framework
  • Import of external crop data
  • Compliance with seed sales legislation
  • Crop sales, exports, and purchasing functions
  • Field and store management
  • Stock control management
  • Grading and dispatching
  • Test digs & yield control
  • Finance, margins, and forecasting
  • Reporting and exports
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DIG has become business critical to its users. It is currently helping merchants, growers and traders better manage their crop data and plan for future planting. This product is helping agents in the agricultural sector to modernise their practices transform their decision making, enabling them to perform better.

DIG is developed by our team at Tayfusion Digital. To discover how DIG can help your agricultural business, please contact us direct, or, visit the DIG website:

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