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Sector: Charity, Education
Type: Learn music using colour and shape
Aim: Making music accessible

Figurenotes is a service and vision from Drake Music Scotland who's mission is to transform people’s lives through the power of music. Drake Music plays a lead role in making Scotland a place where ground-breaking new music featuring skilled musicians and composers with disabilities comes alive for everyone. They reshape the definition of musicians, musical instruments and ensembles, building momentum as the country’s centre of expertise in inclusive music technologies and as an innovator on the international stage.

Figurenotes is a simple system designed to demystify the first steps in learning to read music. Each musical note has a corresponding coloured symbol. With the help of stickers on the instrument or finger patterns, learners play what they see. Rhythm is clear and literal, making music less abstract and more accessible.

Their software was a compiled program, that had become difficult to update, and Drake asked Tayfusion to rebuild the platform from the ground up, in a browser which posed a number of technical challenges. The plan was to ensure the new platform was greatly improved, while retaining the feel of the original software, and making it more accessible to its members in keeping with the general ethos of Drake Music.

  • Build of new music creation platform
  • Support for multiple instrument authoring and playback
  • Import and export of legacy and MIDI files
  • Drag & Drop and direct play music editing
  • Multiple parts and instruments
  • Figurenotes stave display formats
  • Support of time signatures and music symbols
  • Note length and pitch
  • Multiple note entry methods
  • Song library, printing and exporting
  • Member management and payments
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The new Figurenotes platform was a challenge and delivered successfully. Additional features added to Figurenotes have allowed Drake to access future possibilities for growth and continual improvement in their services to its users.

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