Hoggs of Fife

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Sector: Retail
Type: Stock control and management
Aims: Website and online shop

Hoggs of Fife have been producing superior quality, hard wearing products in Strathmiglo, Fife since 1888 and is the oldest mail order company still operating in Scotland.

Hoggs approached Tayfusion to commission a website and system development to help promote, deliver, and ensure the growth of business trade functions for their established brand. The website needed to effectively promote the business service across multiple platforms and allow the trade partners better access to the Hoggs brands.

The product range is managed automatically using imports from SAGE accounting software and the sales management software and external order sync systems. Staff would also be able to view and monitor products and sales from remote locations, e.g., sales staff visiting customers.

The system also required a trade interface which would allow users to self-manage their orders, and stock requirements, allowing for considerable time savings for both the customer and the Hoggs staff. The site interface must deliver the right tools to the right customers, to better enable them to gain access to the Hoggs brands.

Continued product refinement and development by Tayfusion, as the site and the business evolved, ensured that the needs of Hoggs were always met. Digitising this element of the Hoggs business significantly improved business operations and quickly led to efficiencies. It vastly improved the customer experience, immediately becoming a valued marketing tool for the business. Features included: 

  •  Web design 
  • Bespoke database design & build
  • Trade & Salesman management system
  • Customers portal linked to product range
  • Order system and SAGE accounting sync.
  • Partnership gateway allowing order & payment tracking
  • Sync of customer registrations
  • SAGE connectors
  • External order synchronisation
  • System Admin & CMS
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