Housing Options Scotland

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Sector: Charity, Housing
Type: Enquiry management
Aims: Rehousing those in need

Housing Options Scotland (HOS) is a Scottish Charity that helps disabled people, older adults and members of the Armed Forces community to find a home. 

HOS was experiencing problems with data collection and processing. The resulting poor data quality and accuracy, resulted in service reliability issues and staff time and resource implications. HOS approached us to improve upgrade their legacy data collection and storage processes to incorporate a useable interactive database.

We worked closely with HOS staff to develop a bespoke database which would replace their outdated data collection an processing practices (spreadsheets, paper and pen) and allow the client to free up staff time and to improve the overall service value for customers.

  • Build of new database
  • Import of all legacy data into new database
  • Extensive data cleaning and configuration
  • Interface development
  • Multi-user type sign-in
  • Document management module
  • Staff data reporting and exports

The dashboard below is used by staff to manage client referrals with staff access dependent on job role and access permission.

DIG image

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