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Sector: Construction
Type: Resource planning & management
Aims: Manage construction projects

Near Time Reporting (NTR) is a construction-tech company aiming to improve the construction industry by improving project resource planning and driving efficiencies with a near real-time reporting platform.

The software provides practitioners with the means to plan and track resource use on construction sites and track daily activity and communicate this to members to personnel across the company

NTR required a system to facilitate the input, handling, delivery, and the reporting of construction matrix data. The data is presented in an intuitive business intelligence dashboard to allow NTR users to access meaningful real-time analysis without unnecessary time delays, a common problem for construction sites.

Key management levels will have access to the granularity of data required for their job role and responsibilities. At site level, on site staff will be able to access the system and input and manage data via the mobile app. For senior management team members, a desktop system will focus on the project / regional level data allowing for overview analysis and reporting.

The system allows for project and resource setup & management from beginning to end, a multi role facility that provides utility for all active project management users.

We envisage that NTR will become ‘the’ business-critical system for the effective delivery of successful construction projects, with the data for each being used to help refine initial project estimates moving forward – at each stage helping to reduce costs and manage financial projections, with this learned data helping to continually improve resource utilisation.

NTR is a multi-role data management and analytics platform supporting a complex range of functionality, and includes:

  • Large scale & complex database design
  • Multi-user sign in and permissions
  • Project setup & edit functions
  • Data input via the web interface and mobile
  • Mini Role-based Dashboards
  • Hierarchical data displays
  • Multi-aspect Data Presentation
  • Foreman Mobile App
  • Multi-role reporting system
  • Data and target alerts facility
  • Workflow management & communications
  • Data import & export functions
  • Fully supported by Tayfusion Digital
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