Planning Aid Scotland

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Sector: Charity, Local Govt
Type: Enquiry managament
Aims: Planning Advice service

Planning Aid Scotland (PAS) is a volunteer-led charity and social enterprise aiming to help people navigate the planning system. PAS offers a free impartial service to the general public provided by volunteer-chartered planners.

PAS approached us to build an Application Management system, to replace their existing legacy MS Access database which was proving cumbersome, difficult to use and time consuming for staff and volunteers.

The system would comprise a document management facility to store and make available planning documents and templates for the general public, an automated survey and response system, and a data collation and reporting module. The system would also provide:

  • Staff/volunteer management & monitoring
  • Import of all legacy data into new database
  • Online document interface
  • Deadline monitoring / workflow management
  • Reporting system with export capability
  • Multi-user, secure login with tiered access privileges
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