R&N Cessford

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Sector: Haulage, Agriculture
Type: Document management
Aims: Easy access to H&S documentation

The Cessford Group, is a family run business comprising R & N Cessford (farming and UK wide haulage operations), Angus Horticulture Services Ltd. (fertiliser packaging, fertiliser export & ship’s agency service), and Angus Horticulture Ltd. (chemical and natural fertiliser supplier).

R&N Cessford required a web-based database which would modernise the Health and safety processes of the group by allowing staff in multiple locations to access, process, print and save documentation to the database. A multi-user interface was required with tiered access privileges depending on job role and responsibilities; the system would need to be managed centrally – the database and the 3 websites – by a single master user.

A website was required which would combine the interests of the 3 business areas (R & N Cessford, AHS & AHL) and would include job vacancy board, advertising, and blog pages for the group. The system includes:

  •  Health & Safety CRM system
  • Database design 
  • Document management system
  • Mobile app.
  • Website, logo & brand design
  • Build of website & CMS
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