Tayside Contracts

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Sector: Local Govt, Corporate
Type: Customer Relations Management
Aims: Delivery of services to communities

Tayside Contracts build and maintain roads, provide catering for schools and the elderly. They also provide cleaning services to schools, community buildings and council offices. They are one of the largest employers in the region.

The Tayside Contracts required a website and an online job application system that was as efficient as possible - especially considering the number of applications that they handle.

They are a major supplier of services, and their website needed to clearly portray their position and function within the community and to prospective authorities across Scotland.

An example of the kind of application functions built for Tayside Contracts:

  • Design & rebuild of database
  • Unified sign-in system and account retrieval
  • Vacancies manager
  • Vacancy application system
  • Inter-council document sharing system
  • Multi-language support
  • Pay-for-it multi payments system
  • Secure, tiered user access management
  • Full website with CMS - Google ready
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Our system, and more information about our friends at Tayside Contracts can be found at:


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