Logo for: Vinylnet

Sector: Retail, eCommerce
Type: Shop and webiste
Aims: Website and sales system

Vinylnet is an online vinyl record store with a long history of exporting vinyl globally. They are a long-term client of Tayfusion, and we have been looking after their site for over a decade.

A multi-seller sales platform, this system was designed for our client’s specific requirements including a complex sales and pricing management function and a vast searchable multi-genre vinyl database providing sales in multi-currencies with dynamic postage & shipping handling.

The system includes:

  • Creation of new database and website
  • Efficient order management and sales reporting
  • Bespoke Loyalty & Discounting System
  • Live Review & Abandoned Baskets Management
  • Auto Favourites Email Send System
  • Member & Role Management
  • Dynamic Postage/Shipping handling
  • Full, CMS, Blogs
  • Hosting & Support
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Vinylnet's extensive online record store can be found here:

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