Wemyss Family Spirits

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Sector: Food & Drink
Type: Finance and business management
Aims: CRM system for reporting

Wemyss Family Spirits were wasting too much time trying to reconcile their monthly sales data. The data required to produce the reports they needed took several days to compile.

They reached out to us to help them produce a reporting platform which would simplify this process and reduce their manual processing time, to enable them to spend more time growing the business.

Working closely with the Wemyss staff we developed a bespoke database and CRM which would solve their processing issues, enabling them to import, store and monitor activities and to report on their desired KPIs.

  • Build of new database and website
  • Export facility to import all SAGE data
  • Introduction of business group management
  • Multi-user type sign-in and complex administration
  • Product performance graphs
  • Full finance reporting
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