Making a profit ensures Tayfusion's survival. However, we believe that emphasising our own wellbeing and that of our staff and clients, above our need for profit, is a more ethical and sustainable approach to business.

Milton Friedman’s 1970 statement, "The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Its Profits" is out-of-date, no longer tenable, and, immoral.

For those of us who run a company, we have a responsibility for each and every one of our stakeholders, and for our planet.

We must step up.

Profit is important; but the welfare of our clients, our colleagues, our community, and our environment is more so. This idea is reflected in everything we do.

Our beliefs, values & social initiatives

Tayfusion is an ethical company. Much of what we do goes beyond the traditional work engagement of a business. We put our ethics into practice every day by engaging with our community to achieve a better outcome for all individuals and businesses.

Mental Health Awareness

We believe the ultimate achievement in life is finding peace and happiness. Some find this easier than others. Some find it impossible.

Scotland has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe. Online abuse and cyber bullying have increased as has reported mental health problems among young people. All of which are often cited as contributing factors to our progeny's suicide rates.

As a participant and a beneficiary of the online world, we promote awareness of online bullying and mental health among the younger generations and donate a percentage of our profits to associated causes.

Charity and Pro Bono

We currently work with several charities and not-for-profit organisations.

We will assist charity organisations to search for grant funding towards their project. 

Where grant funding is unavailable or unachievable, we will do our best to support the project by undertaking the work on a pro bono basis.

If you run a charity, please reach out to us to see how we might be able to help your organisation.

Fairness and Trust

We despair when we hear of poor service in the tech industry: poor customer service, systems that don’t work as they should, fees being incurred without prior notice and, most disappointingly, website companies buying up domain names (URL / web address) and holding prospective companies to ransom. This really annoys us. 

We are interested only in outcomes that have a mutual gain for us and our clients. If a cheaper or more suitable solution is available elsewhere we will happily part company on the best of terms.

We will never charge for work that is not required or in the best interests of our clients.

Staff Care and Support

Our staff are what makes us. They are our family. We get together after work frequently (COVID rules permitting). We stay abreast of the challenges they face and respond with empathy.

We encourage personal, professional and academic development to further their knowledge and skills and support education leave where we can.

To support workers with families we employ flexible working policies for remote and hybrid working. 


Our belief in sustaining the environment and the wider community is reflected in everything we do.

>We have now committed through the SME Climate Commitment to become a net zero carbon company. 

Energy efficiency and sustainable transport practices are adhered to where we can.

We will provide subcontract work to local companies wherever possible.

Community Employment

Tayfusion supports the local community and provides opportunities for those seeking employment regardless of gender and ethnicity.

We are committed to helping students with work experience. We employ graduates directly from higher education without industry knowhow. Those currently out of work are ahead of the queue when their talent and appreciation of our business philosophy are evident.

Tayfusion are supportive of a living wage and will never use zero-hours contracts.

Would you like to find out more about our initiatives?