Is Digital Transformation complicated?

Berend Versluis
Author: Berend Versluis
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"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs."

Henry Ford
Ford Motor Company

An Introduction

You’re running a business. An SME for now. You’re talking to Tayfusion because you heard that they have the smarts to help you run your business more profitably and better. The first is self-explanatory. The second means less hassle, fewer headaches and, dare we say, a better quality of life. 

Let’s put you in the picture. We’re asking questions. Straightforward ones like, "What do you do, How do you do it, and Why do you do it like that?" We’re listening hard and taking notes. You’ve set the scene for us and we’re ready to move from ‘Introduction’ to ‘Chapter One’.

You tell us: 1) How long the business has been going, 2) How profitable it is and 3) How happy your staff and customers are.

1 and 2 you find a doddle. But we see you frowning at 3. You pause and say that keeping staff happy can be a challenge and that customers can be fickle...

Digital Transformation made easy...

Why so?

A typical response might be, “Our team is great, but not as motivated as we’d like. A lot of what they do tends to be routine and repetitive. Our customers are mainly focussed on reducing costs.”

Specific situations vary wildly, but in this scenario, we’d feel comfortable to start talking about how Tayfusion Digital can help to reduce both staff and customer churn.

The answer appears simple: Embracing the twin wonders of technology and data management. Neither of these will be a great mystery to you. You’ve invested in ICT and already keep records.

Better data management and the optimum use of mobile devices and apps will spark-up customer experience. They’ll marvel at a service in line with their precise needs and wants.

Also, it removes the drudgery from staff using outdated methods to keep abreast of the in- and outflow of data. They’ll be glad to wave goodbye to pen, paper and spreadsheets. Your business will benefit from far more accurate and timely data. Apply a measure of analytics to that and you’ll have a sound basis for future decision-making.

Congratulations. You are now well into the first chapter of the Technological and Cultural Revolution of Digital Transformation. A word of warning though: without the unstinting and collective buy-in of management and staff this initiative will ultimately fail.

Rest assured that Tayfusion Digital will help you prevent that. We’ll be by your side and continue to guide you through this entire process. Not just achieving, but surpassing your business aims and optimum customer value.

Meet Berend - LinkedIn

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Is Digital Transformation complicated?

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