What does Digital Transformation mean for you?

By integrating digital technologies into your business you can realise efficiencies and increase customer value. But this requires organisational buy-in, a willingness to ditch traditional practices, and an eagerness to experiment.

What does Digital Transformation mean?

Digital transformation is the new buzzword in business management. By embracing digital transformation within your business strategy, you can exploit the power of technology to simplify your business and achieve efficiencies in your operations.

However, digital transformation is an opaque concept and is a form of change management which can mean different things for different businesses.

In its simplest form, Digital transformation is a technological and cultural revolution within your organisation. It generates efficiencies and maximise value for both you and your customers, brought about by integrating digital technologies into business processes.

It can take on many forms but in general can affect every aspect of business practice, from better data collection and management to the optimum use of mobile devices, business apps and software.

What will digital transformation do for my business?

Digital transformation will overhaul business processes to modernise your business. It will achieve process efficiencies, reduce manual tasks, increase business capabilities, and save time. It will facilitate an environment of experimentation for staff to interface with new technologies and new methods of working. It will create a platform for data collection and analysis which will support business intelligence upon which future decision making can be based.

Question your beliefs

A re-evaluation of your business processes with a focus on traditional methods of working should prepare the organisation for discarding old legacy technologies and inefficient outdated practices. An agile, digitally supported environment is possible if we favour digital innovation over updating existing systems.

Integrate Digital Technology

Digital Transformation is a form of change management which is data-led, and technology enabled, focussing on 'customer' and 'employee' (users) experiences. Processes will be assessed and where possible streamlined and manual work eliminated and replaced by efficient digital technological solutions. 

Culture & Leadership

To facilitate the transformation, a culture change is often required to enable the organisation to walk away from trusted traditional working practices and adopt new methods. This culture of innovation should be developed and encouraged throughout. It instils the confidence to experiment and an ethos where experimentation and failure is accepted as part of the transformation process. 

Change is driven by leadership. The transformation must therefore align with your business aims and optimum customer value. Leadership and culture are at the heart of digital transformation. Without collective buy-in, it will fail.