Fife Country

Fife Country, the web trading arm of Hogg of Fife, are a Scottish family business, established in 1888. They are a leading brand in quality outdoor clothing and footwear. Fife Country approched Tayfusion to help them with their site at first, with particular attention to their customers mobile experience and issues concerning order fraud.


Fife Country had been trading for some time online, but had reached the point were their website was not performing well in certain areas, they needed a better platform to develop, evolve and grow. Tayfusion, we are proud to say, provided their solution.

The Fife Country site is more than just a standard e-commerce website. With a multi-variant offers and promotions system, sales performance tracking, fraud prevention services and much more.

We have been working with Fife Country for several years, helping to continually improve their website sales, their customers visit experience and core management systems. Tayfusion provides full developmental and design support for Fife Country and working together, Fife Country has seen year on year improvements in every aspect of their online delivery and sales performance.

There is not a week that goes by that Tayfusion is not helping Fife Country to improve or add something new.

There is more work to be done, there always is for a dynamic and growing business such as Fife Country, and Tayfusion are happy to be their partner in acheiving that. If the website gets to be as good as their fantastic products then we will be doing something right.

Works and Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Bespoke Database Development
  • Fraud Management System
  • Bespoke Offer Management System
  • Full Commerce Management Systems
  • Continual Site Improvements
  • Mobile Website Development
  • 24/7 Support

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