Vinylnet is an online music market, a group of enthusiastic independent UK record dealers bringing you a huge selection of second hand vinyl records and CDs online. They have many thousands of records and CDs across 15 categories & all musical genres. With complicated listing requirements and interesting payment and multi-seller shipping options - undertaking the new site and music database was a challenge that Tayfusion was happy to rise to.


Vinylnet had been running for some time and experienced good success in a sea of larger international organisations doing similar business. But Vinylnet wanted to be different, why not?

With an existing site in play, Tayfusion was taken on-board to replace the site and system that Vinylnet had grown with over the years, making a number of improvements to the way that the stock was managed by it's sellers and how their vinylwere presented and handled by the front-end.

Vinylnet is not just a standard e-commerce site. They sell one-off items. A priority was the online customer journey to match, as close as possible to, the experience someone would have in one of their record shops.

With basket grace timers and multiple shipping methods across their sellers, complex order handling and product administration. Sales reports and seller specific reporting, management of member favourites and auto email sending, as well as full member and site administration. Lots.

The next transition for Vinylnet is the reintroduction of multi-language sites to serve their ever growing international customer base.

Record buyers are fickle creatures, and the new site is helping not only deliver the experience tailored just for them, but to help Vinylnet better understand the needs of their visitors and improve their conversion rate.

There is more work to be done, and Vinylnet have big plans. Tayfusion are privileged to be part of their growing venture, helping music lovers across the world.

Works and Services Provided

  • Web Design
  • Bespoke Database Development
  • Full Commerce Management Systems
  • Continual Site Improvements
  • Mobile Website Development
  • 24/7 Support
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