Database Systems for Business

One shoe fits all. Now wouldn't that be nice. However, the reality is that you are different. Your needs, requirements and approach are all different to other businesses - even the ones in the same market sector as you.

A Dedicated Solution

What makes you stand out from the crowd is your angle. This can be developed in so many ways, but the services you provide and the method by which you choose to deliver them plays a great part in achieving this advantageous distinction from your competitors.

It's best to think out of the box. At Tayfusion web design Dundee we think so far out of the box that it seems as though the box does not even exist at all - this is a very good thing indeed.

Our 'no box' approach to solving common business problems (or not so common) have proved, thus far, to produce unique and lasting solutions for the businesses we work with.

Your Custom Database System

Your solution - to your exact requirements.

Bespoke database solutions are just exactly that - applications or tools to solve your problems or help deliver your message or services to your clients and customers.

At Tayfusion in Dundee we can build your dream database system that will do what you think was impossible or fix what you thought was forever broken.

In short our Bespoke development service is there to cut down your work, or help you run your business better.

This all might seem like a lot of waffle to you, in all fairness we would feel the same being in your shoes. The best way to help explain how we can make life easier for your business is to provide examples of what we have done for other clients. This will give you a better understanding of the solutions we could provide for you.

Errr... Would you mind if I gave that a shot?

Solution Example 1

Recruitment Management System
Application that allows a business to add and edit job vacancies, including supporting documents, start/end dates, job types and features. The system ties in with a web interface that allows web users to apply using a simple process. The service can store applicants details for future applications including CV's, complimented with a mail system to keep applicants informed about up and coming vacancies.

This example was produced for Tayside Contracts, one of the largest employers in the whole of the Tayside area.

Solution Example 2

Sales CRM Management System
Tayfusion was asked to develop a system for Bruce Hamilton of SalesMap. Bruce is an expert in sales, the task was to take his tried and tested sales process and turn it into an online guidance and support tool for business users to use effectively out in the sales field.

What we achieved together was nothing short of magnificent (if we don't mind saying so ourselves).

This application was produced for Bruce of SalesMap, a sales CRM and mentoring tool.

Solution Example 3

Golf Resource & Management System
Client required a full system for providing golfers everything they could need. This project is a facebook of golf. Golfers register and can manage their handicap on-line, add courses and friends to their profile, set up golf leagues, matches and also sign up to become club administrators - and edit golf listings for benefits. The site was incorporated with the full Google shopping cart and included many user features to enhance the customer journey such as a full UK golf course database, interactive video tutorials, golf competitions and special offers.

This example was produced for Mulligan Plus, an on-line Golf club and resource for golfers.

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