Countless times have we been told about web development companies providing poor customer service and failing to deliver adequate aftercare and support.

Our Hosting and Support services have been developed to ensure the business interests of our clients are protected, always. We're proud to have maintained our support services throughout the COVID pandemic ensuring business continuity for our clients.


A host server stores the data required for all online activity and all online business systems require one. A host server can be either office based (a standalone PC) or cloud-based whereby the server is located remotely but manages all the data storage and transfers that your system requires. Inline with current market demand for cloud-first solutions we provide a cloud-based hosting service as standard. However, we can also provide an office-based solution if required.

Our hosting provision is under the UK Government approved G-Cloud framework.

Tayfusion delivers its own robust and fully supported VMWare cloud hosting platform, based in England, UK. Their state-of-the-art datacentres are built to the highest industry standards and are among the most secure and reliable in the UK, also used by the UK Government. The primary host platform is in London, with a secondary facility in Birmingham. These facilities are fully manned with off-site backup, redundant systems for connectivity, power, air conditioning and fire suppression.

We currently host most of our client websites and systems, many of which with a high resource requirement. We work hard to ensure consistency and quality for all our hosted clients, delivering fast page delivery and an up-time of near 100% over 10 years (99.99% uptime SLA).

Hosting is a chargeable depending on the level of data storage and use and therefore the server resources required. Importantly, our hosting solutions are flexible and can scale quickly to suit expanding business operations.

Importantly, the level of hosting required can be amended, up or down, moving to suit your business needs. 

  • ISO27001 Accredited
  • Custom VMware (cloud) server Linux - 64bit
  • 6Ghz Processor (2x Zeon)
  • 16GB Ram / 100GB Disk-space
  • Enterprise Management and Monitoring & Configured Firewall
  • Backup - Fully automated & Managed - every day for 5 days
  • Veaam Backup solution with instant restoration
  • Full Failover
  • 1000GB Bandwidth allowance burstable
  • All bandwidth on a 1Gbps circuit
  • Server is located behind FireWall and only allowed ports are opened to the world(such as POP3/IMAP/SMTP, HTTP/S, etc)
  • All high-security risk ports are closed for the public and can be opened for authorized sources/IPs for management

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Help & Support

It's part of our DNA. Assisting you with user problems, log-in errors, staff training, updates, system amendments, or even just a chat for other expert advice. We provide this service all year round. During holidays, storms and floods and whatever else this tricky time might throw at us.

We provide a proactive service to all our customers, even during the most difficult of times

We'll be there for you pretty much all the time. We're proud to have maintained our help and support services going right throughout the COVID pandemic. To keep clients like you not just operating but thriving by looking for new opportunities.

This service can be provided for a modest monthly fee, and the level of service will depend on the nature of your system and in particular is based on:

  • system size & complexity
  • expected number of users
  • expected number of customers
  • continuous improvement plan
  • overall data requirement

Importantly, the level of support can be amended, up or down, moving to suit your business needs. 

Our support packages enable us to be available for you when you need us, and to address your problem at short notice at no additional cost. Importantly, the level of support can be amended, up or down, moving to suit your business needs. 

The support package can cover for example, communications, meetings, training requests, user error, log in problems, or just a phone call for general advice. Where possible we will also try to undertake minor development work.

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