Trust, Fairness & Quality

In everything we do, those are the rules we live by. Our success is simply a reflection of the success emanating from our clients.

Where did Tayfusion spring from?

The idea of Tayfusion was formed a long time ago. Mark, the current development lead, fell in love with web design back in 1996, while visiting friends. He watched them create a simple website for their small business. Mark said:

Errr... Would you mind if I gave that a shot?

Within a few days 'Tradetek' had a new website, built using Flash. By the standards of those early web days the site had all the bells, and a few whistles. Mark was working for Tesco as a developer at that time.

Not long after that, Mark had his first client. We are proud to say that the client stayed with Tayfusion until just recently. Right up to the moment they decided to retire and sell the business. Looking after and keeping hold of our clients was important from the beginning.

The team that eventually formed Tayfusion developed for Tesco for many years, designing and progressing their internal systems and some of the customer facing services such as Clubcard. Coming from such ‘good stock’ it was time to plan ahead.

Tayfusion was formed in 1999.

Who are we really?

You’ll find us a wholly focused and dedicated bunch; incredibly passionate about our work. We work ceaselessly to develop good relationships with our clients, both professionally and personally.

This is the first official update to our website for a while. When it was launched we asked a client to take a look. Their feedback was:

You need to add something about yourself...

You're missing a trick, you guys are unique you need to sell that, there are real benefits working with you and people should be made aware of how different you are...


How are we different?

Well, doesn't everyone just say that? Yes, they do.

We really are different and our clients are the first to agree. We feel that being flexible and chilled is the best way to get things done right. We don't live in an ivory tower (there are not many of them in Dundee, but we are quite partial to them if you've got one). Quite simply, we are human beings... From planet Earth.

Ask our clients. If and when we meet you, we will actively promote that you speak to them. 

It's important for us to be dynamic, agile, up-front and personal. Plain speaking engenders trust. We are big on trust. We like to be relied upon.

We really know what we are doing

And we love doing it.

So, if you are interested in the prospect of working together, then feel free to  contact us about your needs.

We are an Ethical Company

Ethical? How can a web company describe themselves as ethical? Bear with us:

We’re not big enough yet to assist with saving whales or planting rainforests. With your help that day will come. For now, we look after our clients as well as our own people. We show respect to our providers. We build relationships and do business in a fair and transparent way. Benefitting all our stakeholders.

Yes, we are a business and wouldn’t exist without creating revenue. But we are careful about how we do that. We strive to be fair and offer value as well as quality. In everything we do.

It really is a win-win situation; hackneyed often but always true with us. When we develop something for you we give you the Tayfusion guarantee: whatever we create, it has to work. You’ll never have to put your hand in your pocket if anything breaks through no fault of your own.

Our pricing? We’re neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. With Tayfusion you pay for the jobs and projects we carry out for you. Our bespoke invoice system will clearly show you that. Nothing to see there that smacks of a holiday home in the Bahamas.

It's a trust thing as we said. We want to be on your team and we want you to succeed. Still not convinced? Please ask our clients.

Call for a Chat

We don't bite and our advice and consultation is completely free. If you have a problem that you think could be solved with a Tayfusion Solution or if you have a great idea that you want to make a reality then get in touch. We oove to chat about good ideas and great solutions.

Call On: 01382 523315

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