Bespoke Web Development & Business mobile apps provide the opportunity for your business to be flexible and efficient, operating remotely with instant  data transactions which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to achieve.

And due to the ubiquity of smart devices, mobile apps offer unrivalled connectivity; a unique opportunity to do business anywhere, any time.

how we do this

We specialise in the rapid development of complex data systems. But to realise their full potential these systems must be supported by mobile applications and technology to enable rapid and remote data connectivity.

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Web Development

Off-the-shelf solutions are great for many, but they don't always reliably provide the right functions or support the processes for many businesses. When we work with organisations that have interesting and complex problems, our expert team of developers like to build solutions that address these problems completely.

Web development is often used to describe web design and the creation of websites. But this is only part of the story. There are several types of development that can be included under this banner:

  • Front-end – user interface and websites
  • Back-end – databases and data systems
  • Full Stack – full-service front-end and back-end system
  • Desktop software
  • Mobile apps.
  • System security software 
  • Video games

Just to clarify, we don’t do video games; we specialise in building databases and data systems. However, our work invariably overlaps with these neighbouring types of web development, and, if our clients need it, we will develop it. If you have an interesting problem, we can help.

Business Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are software applications built for mobile devices. These can be any variety of software, but we specialise in business mobile apps. The ubiquity of smart devices provides unrivalled connectivity to market agents, as well as providing an opportunity to digitally transform your business by modernising outdated business practices.

  • Data mobilisation – Data management between office systems and mobile devices is now possible.
  • Increased connectivity – Connect to users in remote areas is now possible
  • Increased market visibility – Potential to project your product into every household in the country 
  • Digitise processes – modernise your outdated business practices by ditching manual processes and enabling workers to use mobile devices to access, input, and transfer data.
  • Customer value – make life easier for customers by increasing convenience, choice and functionality.
  • Social media – increase engagement by integrating effectively with social media channels 
  • Better communication – access and connectivity provide faster and more effective engagement with customers and stakeholders

Our Systems

We have produced a variety of data management platforms over many years, including CMS, CRM, ERP, data sharing, social media and analytics platforms. In most instances there has been a requirement for a mobile app either to generate work process efficiencies, or, to improve the product and increase customer value. Your business may be looking for something like one of these:

our latest mobile apps

NTR Logo

NTR - Construction Management

An on-site App to compliment large scale construction planning, resource and reporting. The NTR App is for the delivery of daily task allocations to site foremen, controlling what happens on site.

The app is used to guide foremen on expected resource use, and allow them to record actual plant, labour and materials usage and report on unexpected events. With GPS and photo support. Site data is then synced to the main system for processing.

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DIG Logo

DIG - Agri Management

An in-field and potato store App, in support of the DIG agri-system. It facilitates in-field monitoring of crops, saving of inspection records, test dig recording, crop photos with GPS, crop mapping and the saving of key crop information.

For store managers, it allows for the reporting of stock records, and the request and reporting of sales grading requests, and dispatching. The DIG App supports the merchant interface with multiple independent farms.

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Is Digital Transformation complicated?

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Discovering Business Intelligence and Analytics

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Modular, bespoke or off-the-shelf solution?

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